Meet The Crew

captain Ifan S/Y Lamima

Ifan received his Captain’s license in 2002 and since then he has been leading some of the most famous Indonesian sailing boats all over South East Asia. He has a wealth of local experience and is able to lead with confidence. Ifan joined lamima in 2014, when she was still under construction, the crew loved him.

Chief Officer

With experience of working on commercial and tourist boats all over Indonesia Agus is a born leader to oversee a high standard of safety on board Lamima. He takes pride in overseeing maintenance while off charter and has a wealth of knowledge in vessel management.
(Onboard since 2015)

Second Officer

Musry is from “Ara”, this is the mecca for traditional boat building in Indonesia. He worked in Borneo and Sulawesi for 15 years building several boats. He spent the last twelve years as a seaman on traditional sailing boats. Musry is a very experienced and respected seaman and carpenter.
(Onboard since 2015)

First Deckhand

Khiat is from Papua, he used to work as a dive master on sailing boats before then went into boat building and joined Lamima during the build in Sulawesi (2012). Khiat is a very energetic and wise person not to mention a fantastic singer.

Second Deckhand

Rizky is the cadet of the crew, he started working at sea 7 years ago and joined Lamima in 2014 and is already the best driver for the tenders. Rizky is a very energetic and enthusiastic person. He is the sunshine of the boat and meeting him will bring a smile to your face.
(Onboard since 2014)

Third Deckhand

Bambang comes from Eastern Java, where woodworking is a common skill. He used to be a marine carpenter in Bali and joined Lamima in 2014. Bambang is constantly improving and maintaining the wooden interior.
(Onboard since 2015)

Chief Engineer

Pugoh is from East Java. He has been sailing on commercial ships since 1999 the last few years is has been on Yachts. He is very knowledgeable and hold a chief engineer unlimited ticket.
Pugoh is able to fix any problem which might arise thanks to his long experience, this is very handy specially in remote places.
(Onboard since 2016)

First Engineer

Solikhin is a young engineer very enthusiastic and hard worker, he is also a good team worker and very organised.
(Onboard since 2016)

Second Engineer

Noor is a young and knowledgeable engineer, he was previously working on cargo ships in Kalimantan and learn a lot about maintenance in the merchant marine. Noor is very happy with his new job and has a very good team spirit.
(Onboard since 2016)

wawan dive instructor
Dive Instructor & cruise guide

Arif Setyawan (Wawan) is only 29 years old but already very experienced as dive instructor. He’s been diving in eastern Indonesia for the past 13 years and have extensive local knowledge. He is enthusiastic and will always bring you to the best dive sites in the area. Wawan is also passionate about traditional Indonesian culture and will be your guide when ever you will chose to go for an excursion or visit of a village.

Dive master

Ali has been involved in diving all over South East Asia for the last 15 years and knows all of cruising paths plus exploratory avenues. Ali work previously with our Captain in an 12 months voyage to explore all Indonesia best dive spots on a expedition boat. Ali has a contagious smile and is very enthusiastic. He has the knowledge to ensure that you have the best dive experience for your level wherever you are.
(Onboard since 2016)

Head Chef

Rakhmat is really passionate about cooking. He has been the Head Chef in leading restaurants in Indonesia and Singapore as well as Sous Chef on cruise liners. With a very good knowledge of International and Asian cuisine Rakhmat enjoys fusing both and creating his own recipe. Rakhmat is a very calm and warm person. Guests enjoy to come and see him cooking in the galley.
(Onboard since 2014)

Assistant Chef

Roni will assist Rakhmat in the preparation of the meal and will bring his artistic touch to it.
He is master of making sambal. And as well the master for entertainment.He will naturally take the lead when we have barbecue on the beach or any special evening.
(On-board since 2015)

Roy Chief steward on Lamima
Chief Steward

Roy is from central Java and graduated from high school in Sleman. He has spent his career in restaurants as a waiter and on cruise ships as a bar attendant. Roy is a very enthusiastic person and has a good eye for details, he is always smiling and will make sure anyone will get what they need before they ask.
(Onboard since 2014)


Dhani has a solid hospitality background. Graduating from Medan high school and he endeavored to work in Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia in Meridian, Mariott and Andaman Hotels. Dhani is very lively and has a good sense of humor.
(Onboard since 2014)

Steward 2

Irwan has a background of customer service in highsend hotels, restaurants and bars in Yogyakarta. He is popular on board amongst guests for his mocktail creations.
(Onboard since 2016)

Stewardess 3

Yani is our newest crew , she joined Lamima this year, she is a very professional, happy and spontaneous. Yani has a good hospitality background working in some of the top hotel in Indonesia before.

First Masseuse

Koko is from Bali was trained in the renowned massage school of “Bali Chytra International”
She has worked on cruise lines for 3 years and was hired by the Ritz Carlton before to join Lamima. Koko practices yoga most mornings during sunrise and guests are welcome to join her.
(Onboard since 2014)

Second Masseuse

Dwi is our second masseuse she is from java and passionate about massage, Dwi has a sparkling personality, she will make sure that you are always comfortable.
(Onboard since 2017)

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