Raja Ampat Islands Indonesia


Raja Ampat is situated in the far east of Indonesia and can be accessed from Port Sorong in the north-west of Papua. The meaning of Raja Ampat is Four Kings as it is made up of four main islands but in its entirety is home to over 600.

The area is well conserved by the setup of many marine protection areas with aims of sustainable tourism to empower the local populous. Scientists have announced that this area of the coral triangle has the most diverse marine life on the planet due to adjoining currents from the Pacific and Indian Oceans. Home to many endemic fish the waters are also bursting with colour from truly breathtakingly healthy coral reefs that you can only witness here, not to mention manta ray congregations. Scuba diving and snorkeling is obviously on the cards here for beginners or those with experience.

Birds of Paradise still live here in the wild and have been the topic of attraction for National Geographic for many years. You can take short walks with our knowledgeable tour leader to find these and some of the others the area has to offer such as the King Cockatoo. One of the activities we encourage is an early morning paddleboard through a narrow strait to witness yellow-crested cockatoos flocking over-head.

Certain locations such as Wayag are famous for their panoramic views and bays filled with small mushroom islands which are accessible by our luxury turbine powered tender and sea kayaks. Local villages offer cultural tours and some of the friendliest hospitality you will ever come across.

Please note that other cruising itineraries are available very close by such as Cenderawasih Bay, Whale Shark experiences all year round and Triton Bay, again with Whale Sharks but also home to the traditional Asmat tribe.


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